Exion Hill Racing have gained a bad rep over the years being blamed for the rise in violence among youth with studies showing a link between acts of aggression, anti-social behavior, aggressive thoughts and the virtual violence prevalent in most video games. However, the scales are starting to tip with recent research showing the flip side of video games especially with the development of non-violent video games like Exion Hill Racing, a racing car game that is based on Physics. Such kinds of video games are providing evidence that proves video games can help in developing better mental focus especially for easily distracted children, develop spatial awareness and help people make more accurate estimates as well become better in multitasking. Some teaching exercises are also being developed to make use of the numerous statistics spewed out by video games for learning such as analyzing statistics on the leader-boards of various games and using these numbers for various calculations or using the variables in games to calculate speed, distance covered or the time various cars take to complete a race. Sport games are very helpful in particular as they provide a number of useful variables while shooter and action games help develop hand-eye coordination and develop reflexes. You can download get it on the GOOGLE PLAY

George Varga the developer of the racing game provides a simple interface and platform for the game putting primary focus on the physics and the basics of racing that makes interacting with it pretty straightforward even for kids. It has simple forward and backward navigation keys that appear on your screen once you start playing and an option to tap if you fail a level and want to retry. The main menu has three options, to upgrade, exit or get more games from the developer which gives you the option of downloading Exion off-road racing. In the upgrade section you can only upgrade your vehicle’s engine, suspension or tires which you do when you have enough gold. It is pretty easy to collect the gold as you race along the mountain and the levels are easy yet engaging enough to captivate users. Upgrading the vehicle’s suspension allows it to soak up bumps, decrease the weight of the vehicle in curves and helps you not crush into the mountain sides when racing by decreasing your stopping distance which comes in handy in the terrain of the game that has a number of surprises to offer up. Upgrading the tires will improve the handling of the car which is a bonus when making the leaps and racing uphill while upgrading the engine improves performance which is an invaluable staple when it comes to racing. The game’s simplicity lies in sticking to

the basics both of physics and racing and this is its major charm. You can download get it on the APP Store

The latest version of the game 1.82 that was updated in December has 23 levels and features new cars in its lineup that includes Ferrari 458, Mercedes AMG and the Mini Cooper alongside the Ford Mustang and the Lamborghini Huracan. It also has a vehicle durability option that appears on the top right corner of the screen on the upgrade section that shows you the current vehicle’s durability and adds up the numbers after all the upgrades have been made for the new vehicle’s durability capabilities. Each level brings with it a new car which provides a little challenge for the gamer to master it and use it to their advantage to overcome the terrain and amass more gold as well as progress to the next. With between 5 million and 10 million installs, Exion Hill Racing is a favorite for kids and parents who can rest easy knowing that their kids are not engaged in endless hours of violence. It is also compatible with all devices meaning gamers can enjoy winning their races on the go. Customer reviews applaud its simplicity, quality, and entertainment with many wishing there were more levels while some complain about the adverts that seem to come standard with most downloadable games today. The one-touch control and graphics make it a big hit among gamers who are just starting out and are yet to get the hang of more complex racing and off-road games.

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